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Product Renderings

Product Renderings:

Tres 3D produces product imagery for a wide range of industrial and commercial clients.
From Medical Renderings to Product Cutaways.

From conversion to existing CAD files to the cleanup necessary to make the products shine in PRINT or Trade Show POSTER or on the WEB

Tres3D has the expertise to make your product rendering projects as painless as possible. 

We can translate your Solidworks into workable models. Services include model cleanup, Texturing and Animating of your product.

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Tres 3D

Tres 3D combines a broad base of knowledge with 3D Animation experience. Utilizing the latest tools and software techniques Tres 3D creates effects that stimulate and inspire your audiences. From Intricate Medical Animations, video game development, to complex architectual rendering, dynamic motion graphics and 3D animation, See why more Advertising Agencies, Pharmacuetical Companies, Medical Technology Companies and Technology Giants choose Tres 3D to deliver sensory impact that your audience will remember.

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